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Most Popular Usage Of Teak Lumber

April 30th, 2020 Posted by Teak Wood, Teak Wood Veneer 0 thoughts on “Most Popular Usage Of Teak Lumber”

Teak is well known for its unmatched durability and water resistance. Teak has a (more…)

Characteristics Of Teak That Makes The Hardwood ‘Ageless’

December 5th, 2019 Posted by Burmese Teak 0 thoughts on “Characteristics Of Teak That Makes The Hardwood ‘Ageless’”

Buying Teak has always been considered to be a pricey deal and we’ve always known that Teak wins the race no matter how quick the competition changes. It is one such wood that beats all others with its classic properties of durability and elegance. But, what are the other why reasons Teak is considered the king of furniture-making wood? (more…)