Most Popular Usage Of Teak Lumber

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Teak is well known for its unmatched durability and water resistance. Teak has a very high oil content thereby giving it the highest decay-resistance among all natural wood products. Teak is mostly used for yachts, boat building indoor and outdoor furniture, exterior construction, veneer, frames, carvings and more

Sometimes it is hard for people to understand how and where teak lumber is used and what types of final products ican you get from it. Here are some of the most popular final products that use Teak Lumber.

  • 1. Marine Teak Decking

    Marine Teak Deckingis among the most popular usage of teak lumber. Marine Teak Decking is mostly used on high end Yachts as well as boat restorations. Teak Decking is popular as teak is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. The teak also tends to wear in to the softer ‘summer’ growth bands first thus forming a natural ‘non-slip’ surface. Due to this , the teak gives a natural and beautiful surface for Boat Decking. Since the cost of teak Decking is high,it is mainly used in high end boats and classic boat restorations.
  • 2. Teak Outdoor Furniture

    Teak is considered the golden standard when it comes to outdoor seating and furniture. Since teak weathers beautifully, it is very popular as a elegant, long lasting outdoor furniture material. If the teak lumber used in making outdoor furniture is of the right quality,it can impart it an astonishing durablilty and beauty .
  • 3. Teak Flooring

    Teak Flooring has always been very popular in high end homes and apartments. It provides warmth, elegance and calss to any house.And since it is very durable, it can last for generations to come. Teak floorings are popular both for outdoor areas as well as for indoor ones.
  • 4. Architectural Millwork

    Teak is the preferred wood when it comes to sutom millwork. Nothing brings a room alive the way a gorgeous architectural teak millwork does. Teak millwork create beautiful interior space in a home. Teak mill wood components can be used in window or door manufacturing to complete the look.
  • 5. Yacht Repair and Restoration

    Reclaimed or new teak can be readily found to match the teak decking of yatches very easily.Most of good manufacturers or resellers of marine teak keep pieces suitable to be used for repairs.
    Although teak is naturally a strong and durable wood, it’s important to source it from legitimate sources only. Authenticity and quality matter a lot when it comes to investing in a product, which is meant to last. Authentic and legally sourced Burmese Teak by Starwood Veneers and Lumbers is the most sought after teak by Yacht manufacturers, furniture manufacturers as well as the millwork industry. They have a great repertoire of teak lumber; ready to be shipped the moment Covid -19 induced lockdowns get over.
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