Characteristics Of Teak That Makes The Hardwood ‘Ageless’

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Buying Teak has always been considered to be a pricey deal and we’ve always known that Teak wins the race no matter how quick the competition changes. It is one such wood that beats all others with its classic properties of durability and elegance. But, what are the other why reasons Teak is considered the king of furniture-making wood? These 100-meter-tall trees hold a lot of physical properties that are beneficial in the long run, here are a few of them:


  • • Teak wood has got a uniform golden brownish color. It has no markings over it and has a beautiful property of darkening with age.
  • • Highest strength and durability.
  • • It has a very mild smell, mostly smells like leather when freshly milled.
  • • It requires the least maintenance, even when it is carved into a product it’s easy to clean.
  • • It’s is waterproof, the main reason why its extensively used in shipbuilding for decks.
  • • Teak is naturally resistant to termites and susceptible to woodworm attack.
  • • It is really easy to carve products out of Teak wood, this is due to its low stiffness property that enhances its workability
  • • Teak is true to its environment; it supports the ecosystem with its property to hold on to soil erosion
  • • It looks attractive, provides an elegant and subtle look when used in any form.
  • • The percentage of oil in it makes the wood have the highest resistance to getting rotten and getting affected by other factors like weather etc.


Furniture made out of Teak wood lasts more than 100 years. There are very rare chances of this hardwood getting split up or broken down. Get the best of Teak wood from the ‘Land of Teak wood’ at Starwood Veneers and Lumber. Carrying the legacy of 40 years and more, Starwood is a top-ranked exporter of authentic Burman teak wood from India.

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