Covid -19’s Impact On Burma Wood Industry

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The current plight across the world has taken its toll on the entire economy and has also affected all the major industries across the globe. While almost no sector has been spared by the crippling effect of Covid-19, some industries have naturally taken a major downturn as for the pandemic. One such industry that has been drastically hit by the pandemic is the wood industry. This situation has not only hampered the import and export of materials across countries but has also struck the employment status of these industries.

China, as we know of, has always been the most crucial export and import market across countries but with Beijing’s decision to shutdown major borders crossing with Myanmar in early February sparked a sudden fall in the trade. This led to the lack of raw material import from China. Affected by the lockdown and due to extension of holidays and the postponement of resumption of work, production, trade exchanges business activities and trade exchanges have also been severely impacted. At present, timber processing enterprises have been suffered from production stagnation or insufficient work. According to the survey done China Timber Protection Industry Association (2020), nearly half of the enterprises reported that the epidemic situation had a great impact on their production, and their operations were nearly halted. Most enterprises are facing the problems of shortage of raw materials, shortage of labor force, shortage of working capital and rising freight rates. In the export trade of wood and wood products, the epidemic has led to a decrease in the efficiency of transportation and port unloading, and the export orders of wood processing enterprises have decreased significantly. However, the increased risk of global epidemic spread has also brought uncertainty to the resumption of production and cash flow of enterprises.

The novel Corona virus has not only affected the global economy but also the global supply chain. Heeding to the turn of events during these tough times, countries are now looking to diversify their manufacturing and supply chains to newer destinations and are in pursuit of a new export hub. While the wood industry takes a hit we mustn’t forget how things will fall back in place and such a scenario may serve to create opportunities for others.

While teak has been the top choice of most of the related industries such as marine decking, yacht manufacturing, out door furniture manufacturing, wood flooring etc., Burmese teak has always been the go to hub for all the industries. Being the top exporter of teak, Myanmar continues to be the most obvious and preferred choice of the consumers. Such a turning point in the world has currently led to a lockdown across most of the countries including Myanmar, but the government has created some standard operating procedures thereby ensuring the safety and hygiene of all the workers for extended functioning of the factories.

Some of these guidelines include:
1. Proper screening of individuals on entrances
2. Sanitization of the complete industrial plant
3. Ensuring hand washing before entry
4. Maintaining distance while working
5. Providing face shields and masks for workers
6. Sanitization of all cars entering and exiting the plant

The government has covered every essential factor to prevent the industries from suffering any kind of further losses.

Fortunately the impact of Covid -19 will be mitigated in Burma owing to its world’s best teak plantations and manufacturing and processing industries. Burmese wood industry is ready to kick back to action with all covid-19 safety compliances in place.

Starwood Veneers, the global exporter of ethically sourced Burmese Teak veneers and lumbers is already catering to the demand in over seventeen countries. They are not only customer and employee centric but also responsible and passionate about sustainability.

During the covid -19 induced lockdown, they not only kept their team provided for, post lockdown, they are now fully functional, observing all precautions for a safe and productive work environment.The sustainable and legally sourced veneer and lumber by Starwood Veneers seem to be a promising and most feasible choice for the wood industry.

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