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European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) aims to reduce illegal logging of timber and timber products from being sold in the EU Market.
EU published Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan in March 2013. This plan was set out to save some of the World’s most valuable forests, people living there and relying on resources these forests provide.

    Seven measures focusing on benefiting timber producing countries:

    • 1. Supporting Timber-Producing Counties
      2. Promoting Trade in Legal Timber
      3. Promoting Environmentally and Socially Beneficial Public Procurement Policies
      4. Supporting Private- Sector Initiatives
      5. Financing and Investment Safeguards
      6. Using Existing or New Legislation
      7. Addressing the Problem of Conflict Timber
      Achieving compliance for Traders

      • • Keep records of all in scope timber and timber products purchases.
      • • Keep records of all procured timber and timber product sales.
      • • Keep records for a minimum of 5 years.



      Achieving compliance for Operators

      In the EUTR due diligence is defined as:

      • • Measures and procedures providing access to information requirements.
      • • Risk assessment procedures to analyze and evaluate the risk of illegally harvested timber.
      • • Risk mitigation procedures to minimize the risk of illegally harvested timber.



      Due Diligence Certificate

      In order to save and follow the legal forestry policies; certification or other third party verified schemes that include verification of compliance with applicable legislation may be used in the risk assessment procedure. This certificate is based on the following three key elements:

      • • Information on the supply of timber products.
      • • Assessing the risk of illegal timber entering the operator’s supply chain.
      • • Operator identifying a high risk of illegal timber entering the supply chain.
      • The supply chain ensures that there is proper documentation of the timber trees and the forest from which it was harvested.


      Starwood Veneers is EUTR compliant; following all protocols and legal trade of timber across international boundaries.Known in the industry for best practices and legally sourced Burma teak veneers and lumber, buying from Starwood is always a safe bet.
      Contact Starwood Veneers to know more about our EUTR compliance, our manufacturing units, and all the products available.

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