Ethically Sourced Hardwood Veneers And Lumbers From Burma

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We at Starwood Veneers realise the importance of ethically sourced hardwood veneers and lumbers. According to reports, earth is loosing its forest cover at an alarming rate. This is leading to a lot of environmental issues like global warming which in turn is causing melting of glaciers and increased coastal flooding, damaging wildfire seasons and an increase in extreme weather events.

    If no action is taken to control the relentless cutting of forests, we could soon see very harsh rules and regulations in place, jeopardising the wood industries future. No wonder, we now see a lot of organisations, laws and initiatives to limit the illegal sourcing of hardwood.

      Let’s understand some compliance essential to be followed so that ethically sourced wood continues to promote a sustainable lifestyle. We want to leave the world as green and healthy as we found it. Here’s why and here’s how.

      • EUTR or the European Union Timber Regulation: the purpose of the European Union (EUTR) is to halt the trade of illegal timber into the EU. It was created as part of the EU’s FLEGT(Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) Action Plan.

        EUTR puts obligations on businesses who trade in timber and timber related products. All the operators who are responsible for placing timber and timber products on the European market must gather information on their supply and assess the risks. The traders who supply the products must be able to provide accurate records of exactly from where the timber originated (obligation of traceability). The entire supply chain is accounted for.

        The European Commission has also designated approved monitoring organisations, which perform periodic checks and help the operators to comply with due diligence system.

      • FSC Certification: At Starwood Veneers, we ensure that all of our products have been accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC system allows businesses and consumers to identify, purchase and use wood, paper and other forest products made with materials from well managed forests and proper chain of custody.

        This process makes it easy for us and for you to trace back the source of all the products, ensuring that they have come from a reputable and ethically sound source.

        In the context of the forest products industry, responsible wood sourcing refers to a buyer’s acceptance and willingness to adopt policies and practices that reward suppliers using ethically sourced wood from well-managed forests.Once a manufacturer makes sure to satisfy the ethical concerns of consumers, shareholders and employees, they earn respect and long-term associations with not only the patrons but also local communities. Starwood veneers, by virtue of its commitment to all the mandatory compliances and best practices is known in the industry for a partner to reckon with. We are totally transparent about our sourcing methods and measures and would be happy to discuss the same with our customers.

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