How Veneer Scores Above Laminates and Solid Wood?

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The moment you learn that a piece of furniture has veneer, don’t you start to think of it as a low grade piece of furniture?Well, most of the people do.But wood veneer is not cheap laminate and sometimes it is better than solid wood for many applications.

Surprised? Let us tell you how and why.

  • Structural Stability:

    Wood veneers have been traditionally used by the furniture making Industry. It’s various attributes contribute to the structurally significant aspect of furniture making especially the contemporary designs.Wood veneers is essentially a paper thin cut of wood that’s pasted on both sides of a strong core surface such as substrate material or furniture-grade MDF.This aspect is very important as it gives adequate space to the core and is good for expansion and contraction with the change in temperature. This quality is also the reason why wood veneers are extensively used in panelling
    , cabinets and drawers.A solid wood doesn’t have the structural stability to withstand the usage of such moving pieces of furniture.

  • Premium Yet Affordable:

    The wood veneers are a preferred choice of material by interior designers who use them for all kinds of premium quality custom furnishings.Since they are essentially a part of actual real solidwood, the perceptional value is much higher than that of a laminate.But the quality of the veneers is factored in while deciding its application. Unlike a laminate, veneer has to be carefully crafted to get the desired look and finish.

  • Environment Friendly:

    Veneers are also highly environmentally conscious options as you maximize that one log into thin sheets.The core is also furniture grade MDF or substrate material. So basically a log of solid wood is used to its maximum potential.

  • Pride Of Ownership:

    Veneers score above laminates in being the closest thing to actual solidwood. For the connoisseur
    of wood lovers, if rosewood panelled room is a far fetched idea, they can always fulfil their desire to have a veneer panelled room which gives the room the same, if not better, elegance and opulence. Laminates don’t quite enjoy the same status as they are artificial and cookie cut.
    So we see how veneers are a more cost effective option than solidwood as you can get sheets of veneer with the same exact grain from one single log. A veneer is more exquisite than a laminate since it is actual wood and also because a laminate is artificial and far too common to hold the value.
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