NEEM WOOD: What makes it so popular?

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Indian wood species hold a strogn reputation in the wood industry. Neem has a distict place and status in India. Not only is it known for its medicinal properties, the spirritual significance goes deep in the ancient Hindu lore.
However, along with the metapysical attributes of Neem tree, the material value of its much desirable wood is enhanced due to many of its outstanding properties.

Reddish Brown Colour

The neem tree, also known as the Indian lilac or margosa tree wood has heartwood that ranges in color from reddish to reddish brown. This appealing color gives neem wood furniture an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Strength And Durability

The grains of Neem wood are interlocked making it durable and strong.Because of the interlocked grains, the wood doesn’t crack or split easily. Owing to its strength, Neem wood is the preferred wood for constructing cart axles, oars and as domestic hardwood.

Rough Wood

Although the rough grain with interlocking fibres imparts strength and duability, it also gives Neem a rough texture. This roughness of the wood makes it difficult to polish it.This is why Neem wood is not used to make highly polished furniture .

Ease of working with

The strength and duability of Neem wood makes its easy to work with. Both,machine or hand tools yield satisfactory results. Neem wood can easily be crafted into fine wood work or toys.


Neem is aromatic.It has a mild aroma and so its products have slight fragrance.
This attribute may be the reason why it’s used for paneling or ornamental ceilings.


One of the most important properties of Neem wood is its pest resistance.The neem heartwood is not effected by pests like termites and wood borers.This attribute further contributes to its durability.

The Neem Wood is clearly one of the most sought after wood of the Indian Species . Starwood Veneers and Lumbers, are market leaders in the best quality authentic burmese teak and a large variety of Indian species wood including Neem.

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