Wood Veneers And How To Refinish

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Only just a thin layer of natural wood, wood veneers can make your furniture, yachts, ships and interiors look gorgeous and classy with a slight shine of its own. . However, these wooden veneers require a refinish after every few years to maintain the shine as if it was new. These are just some of the tips that will help you gain knowledge about refinishing of veneers and how it’s done-

  • 1. ENSURE VENEER IS OF NATURAL WOOD – Authentic veneers are made of real and natural wood. However, there are some products in the market that are not authentic and are only made up of mere plastic. Known as Overlay or Laminate, these “veneers” are just plastics with a print made to look like wood.
  • 2. CHECK THE THICKNESS – Wood veneer is very thin, about 1/8th of an inch. The thickness of a veneer matters to check whether you sand and refinish a wood veneer.
  • 3. CAUTIOUSLY SAND THE VENEER – The process of sanding of a veneer is supposed to be gentle and either by hand or by a sand palm sander.
  • 4. STAIN THE WOOD VENEER –Having figured out how to sand and take care of your veneer while refinishing it, you may want to recolor it now. There are oil-based, water-based and even gel colours for strong wood.

This must have made you confident and given you a way towards refinishing of your veneers. However, authentic Veneers of the top quality need not require any finishing for many years to come. Such high-quality veneers can be found at Starwood Veneers and Lumber, who are known and trusted for their variety of high-quality products.

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