India In Your Interiors – Find Out How?

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Wood veneers are increasing in demand each day with the introduction of new and rare species of wood. Indian species of wood are the most recent types of wood that have increased in demand because of their unique and exceptional quality. Although these Indian species are found all over India, the best quality of wood is mostly sourced from the states of Punjab and Haryana. Some of these Indian Species are –

  • 1. MANGO WOOD – This wood is native from India eastward to the south China sea. Part of an evergreen family, it grows up to a height of 65 feet. Having been used for gunstocks in the past, it is now being used for furniture, flooring, interior, yachts and ships.
  • 2. SHEESHAM WOOD – Not just utilised for fuel and shelter, it is know even being used to create timber. It is now considered as one of the finest cabinet and veneer timbers. With the gorgeous shades of golden to dark brown, Sheesham manages to give a premium look wherever it may be used.
  • 3. ACACIA WOOD – This wood has colours varying from a pale pink/yellow to a light green/honey colour that may dull after being exposed to air in the open. Steaming Acacia will often lead to a different shade of a light chocolate brown.
  • 4. NEEM WOOD – Famous for it’s leaves and branches that are often even used for medical purposes, the neem wood is also a widely used domestic hardwood. Along with it’s natural and beautiful appeal, the famous wood has a strong decay resistance.

These are the most famous Indian species being used for making veneers because of their unique features and exceptional quality. The availability of these woods may be doubtful at most of the places. However, the solution to your need of these products is at Starwood Veneers and Lumber. Known for their premium quality and trustworthy products, Starwood is always the right choice when purchasing veneers.

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