January 30th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “WOOD VENEER AND THE IMPORTANCE OF MATCHING”

The process of wall panelling with wood veneers is a very crucial process which requires a lot of high precision. The two types of matching that are considered to be the best ones are end-to-end and sequence matching.

Veneer matching is done to achieve various visual effects and alter the appearance of the panel being worked on or even the whole room. It requires precision in the way that the grains of both the leaves match to give an appearance of single pattern of grains.

When it comes to sequence wood veneer matching, the manufacturing or sourcing of veneers is done in a sequence to ensure that each consecutive panel will be well matched for both grain and colour. Although the result achieved through this process is highly impressive, it requires precise knowledge of the process, strong coordination, longer time and a high cost.

Now focusing on the only other commonly used process of end-to-end wood veneer matching, it is a more technical and complicated technique. In this process, a leaf is laid on one panel, the other leaf is laid on top and so on. This process requires a lot labour work, resulting in a higher cost for the process.

Although these processes are complicated in their own ways, they ensure precision and quality of the final product. Another way to ensure a product of high quality and precision is by contacting Starwood Veneers and Lumbers. Starwood are known to ensure customer satisfaction with their products of best quality and at an affordable price.

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