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For starters, Veneers provide an aesthetic and royal look to the interior or wherever they may be used. Veneers finish surfaces better than any other product available in the market and we just can’t get enough of it. Apart from providing classy looks and other visible factors that make it good, it also has many other advantages to itself that one may not be aware of, yet.

  • 1. VARIETY FOR SELECTION –Veneers are not limited to one type of wood but have many different characteristics that differentiate veneers from each other. There are multiple species of woods that provide different designs, colours and even patterns. Each specie is unique to itself and provides different characteristics.
  • 2. LENGTHY LIFETIME –– Upon being put in place, the veneer can last for years, maybe even decades in some cases and if maintained properly. Veneers being used for ship decks just require regular scrubbing to keep it clean and the longevity of it’s life may surprise you.
  • 3. THEIR FLEXIBILITY –Solid lumber cannot be used for some projects that need to bebuilt using wood veneer. The flexibility provided by veneers allows it to be placed anywhere with ease.
  • 4. ECO-FRIENDLY –During the production of wood veneer, less wood is used and gone to waste when compared to the production wood lumber where more amounts of wood is used and even gone to waste.

These are only just a few reasons to why using veneers is a smart choice. More information regarding veneers and their availability can be found by contacting us at Starwood Veneers and Lumber, where we provide the best quality veneers available in the market..

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