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Looking for a way to upgrade your deck or start off with a fresh and premium look? You’ll obviously be needing the best quality wood there is available in the market for a deck. This can be done with the use of Burmese Teak on your deck as it has all the qualities required for a durable, beautiful and even luxurious boat deck. These are just some of the reasons that make Burmese Teak the best –

  • 1. LONGER LIFESPAN –Although maintenance of a deck requires scrubbing and refinishing it every 10-15 years, ship decking made of Burmese teak wood can easily last more than 40 years if maintained properly.
  • 2. BEAUTY INCREASES WITH AGE –Burmese teak has a rich golden-brown colour that only improves in shade with age. With age, it will add more richness and luxurious colours to your deck as it slowly turns it’s colour into a more dark brown shade.
  • 3. HIGH OIL CONTENT –The high levels of natural oils present in Burmese Teak helps it resist moisture and rotting that can cause some serious damage. This also ensure a shine and smooth appearance of your ship’s deck.
  • 4. LOW MAINTENANCE REQUIRED –The very little amounts of maintenance required for Decks made of Burmese Teak wood is very little. All it needs is some scrubbing with some mild boat detergent and hosing it off on a regular basis to keep it clean.

Burmese Teak for decks is easily available but it’s purchase can be made much easier and at an affordable price when consulting Starwood Veneers and Lumber regarding the same.

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