The Appropriate Level Of Moisture For Drying Gurjan

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The drying of veneer ribbon peeled from a log is a very important step in the manufacturing of veneers. In this process, the ribbon is placed in massive drying machines that allow the gluing of veneer on plywood.

The two most common ways of drying a veneer are using a roller dryer or using a mesh veneer dryer. The only benefit that Roller drying hasover mesh drying is that without having any effects on the veneer’s drying the flawed pieces can be removed from the process even before drying.

The roller dryer has the veneers move through the drying machine in several layers on the rollers with the aim to bring down the moisture level to 6%-7%, which is the exact amount of moisture required to glue the veneer.

The veneers pass through the machine for about six to seven minutes at a temperature of 180 °C . The drying conditions and the moisture of the veneer are tracked continuously to ensure that the quality is maintained.

By the end of the whole process, these dried veneers are divided into further subclasses by the machine. Starwood Veneers and lumber ensures that the veneers are dried to perfection for the next step of the whole process to take place.

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