January 20th, 2020 Posted by Burmese Teak, Gurjan Teak 0 thoughts on “ANALYSING INTRICATE DETAILS FOR GURJAN WITH VENEER GRADING”

Veneers, after going through the whole process just need to be categorized depending upon different factors. Upon being made, it is noticed that not all veneers are similar to one another due to small and precise intricate details affected by the density, orientation of grain and even defects that may be present in the veneer.

The important factors that affect the grading of a veneer are it’s moisture content, Density and Strength, and visual defects. In order to get the amount of moisture present in a veneer for grading, a moisture analyser is used. Veneers containing too much moisture are graded out and only the ones with appropriate amounts are allowed to proceed further.

To determine the specific gravity and modulus of elasticity of each sheet of veneer, an ultrasonic sound propagation time and microwave technology is used. Afterwards, veneers are categorised and graded according to their strength.

A special camera is used to detect and analyse the visual defects and overall visual appearance of the veneer. All this data is used together to analyse and give each veneer it’s final grading. Starwood Veneers and Lumber guarantees that all the veneers manufactured are graded appropriately and efficiently with use of the best technology available.

With the completion of grading, these veneers are stacked together according to their gradings and are packaged to be sent for delivery.

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