January 15th, 2020 Posted by Burmese Teak 0 thoughts on “LOG BUCKING- THE MAKING OF A GREAT VENEER”

When the felling of a tree is conducted and it is delimbed to be cut into logs of standard sizes, it is known as Log Bucking. The only two ways of conducting this process is by either overbucking, which is cutting from the top or underbucking, which is cutting from the bottom.

This is a very important step of the whole process because of the certain specifications of plywood, lumber, etc. It’s importance also ends up making it a complicated procedure as there’s always a chance of the wood losing it’s significant value due to poor bucking.

Upon being felled, the trees are transported quickly and however, most of the limbs break off during transportation, there always remain a few that must be trimmed. The felled tree is cut only after the Bucker completes his assessment of the log by measuring it with a tape. The length of the cut completely depends upon the condition of the market.Bucking is only conducted after the process of preservation has been successfully completed to ensure fine quality.

This is the second step of the whole process and Starwood Veneers and Lumber ensures that this step is executed precisely for the carving of good and healthy logs. These logs are what eventually lead to the creation of our high-quality products.

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