The Pivotal Role Of Pond Preservation In Creating Gurjan

January 9th, 2020 Posted by Gurjan Teak, Teak Wood Veneer 0 thoughts on “The Pivotal Role Of Pond Preservation In Creating Gurjan”

A veneer is only just a thin slice of wooden sheet made by cutting or slicing of a log.

The way a log is cut changes the appearance of a Veneer, thus making it a very important process. The wood must be softened to improve the way it is cut and the best way to achieve that is by soaking the felled tree underwater.

By soaking the felled trees underwater, there is a reduction in the chances of defects associated with shrinkage and attacks by fungi, bacteria and other insects. Fungi, insects and other harmful bacteria are not able to survive under water with low oxygen levels or even below a temperature of 32°F.

Although, the idea of pond preservation was once a common practice, it is hardly seen being used these days. When it comes to pond preservation, there is no guarantee of protection against insects and bacteria, but it is still more effective than dry land storage.

Pond Preservation is only just the first of a few steps from the process of production of veneers. This is considered to be a very important step at Starwood veneers and lumber as producing high quality veneers is our utmost priority.

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