Identifying Natural Wood Veneers

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The markings and patterns found on natural wood are not artificial or man-made in any way but are in fact a work of art made by nature herself. Natural veneers are made by cutting up of logs only differentiating in quality and colour because of the geographical location of the tree. These natural veneers give out a look that is pleasing to the eye and can also give a sense of warmth and comfort when placed indoors.

There are plenty of products available in the market that may seem real and original but are actually fake. This makes shopping for veneers and wood products really difficult but can be made easier with only just the basic knowledge of wood veneers. This article will help you in becoming an expert at identifying real wood veneers from the fake.

  • 1. Watch out for artificial odours as these sellers of artificial wood may try to replicate the distinctive smell that arises from natural wood and natural wood veneers as well. If you are not aware of what natural wood smells like, you may seek help from someone who is experienced with woods.
  • 2. Natural wood veneers are only thin veneer sheets cut off from logs of natural wood and it is easier to identify them through the grains present on them. These grains will be in a constant pattern and if any irregularity is spotted in the pattern, it may mean that the veneer has been artificially produced.
  • 3. One can also always knock on the wood veneer to identify it, as natural wood veneers are always hard and tough. If all fails, you may want to purchase natural wood veneers made from authentic Burmese teak, Gurjan wood and many more options from a trusted source which has had a good track record. You may want to get in contact with one of the best veneer manufacturers, Starwood Veneers and Lumbers that provide authentic natural wood for whatever purpose you may require it.
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