Burma Teak Wood – The Best Wood Available?

December 19th, 2019 Posted by Burmese Teak 0 thoughts on “Burma Teak Wood – The Best Wood Available?”

Once considered as the “royal timber”, Burmese Teak has still not lost it’s credibility of giving a premium or “royal’ look. The name of this teak, like many others, is derived from the region it is found in. From a research conducted in 2010, it was found that the joint total area taken up by natural teak forests was approximately 29 million hectares, about half of which was covered by the forests in Burma.

The drying process of this timber is slow, when compared to other species. However, thanks to it’s high density, it has a very low moisture count and hardly retains any. The exudation of resin present in Gurjan can be aggravated in high temperatures, therefore high levels of care and maintenance is required to reduce the chances this to happen. It is also easy to work with using either hands or machines.

Coming to it’s availability, it is easily available in almost all markets but in two forms. One form being the custom frames being sold by vendors which can be used for indoor and window frames and the other being available in the form of Timber logs, which you would need to cut into the required frame sizes and let it season. Seasoning is the process of drying the moisture present in the wood to an optimal level, after only which the wood can be used. .

The Burma teak wood does not wear, crack or turn black upon coming in contact with metal. This form of teak is best suitable for furniture and cabinet making, flooring, garden furniture, doors, window frames, sculptures. Starwood Lumbers and Veneers have the best Burmese Teak for all kinds of purpose.

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