Advantages Of Teak Wood Veneer

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Made from completely natural wood without any usage of chemicals, Teak wood veneer is considered the best choice to provide an aesthetic look to furniture, flooring, panelling, ship decking, automobile and airplane interiors. These are just a few of the other reasons that make teak wood veneer the best choice –

  • 1. Durability ¬- Building construction work, indoor and outdoor furniture, doors and window frames, flooring, making the decks of ships, are some of the places where Teak wood veneer is used at. Such usage prove it’s high durability, as it is known for it’s density, weight and most important of all, it’s versatility.
  • 2. Resistance – The advantage of being completely natural comes into play here with the presence of natural oils within it’s cells. These oils help the wood to resist termites and other pests that can ruin the wood. It does not rot or decay either and does not shrink or warp easily if it is dried appropriately.
  • 3. Pleasing to the eyeTeak wood veneer does not need any further decoration as it’s straight grain pattern in brownish golden colour makes it look very natural and attractive. Usually, it even darkens with age that keeps the natural look with it.
  • 4. Ecological Responsibility – Although Teak wood grown in the wild is easily obtainable as well, the preference is of obtaining Teak wood from managed forests as there is an ecological responsibility that has been taken up here at Starwood Veneers. This is considered to be a top priority as it helps to retain biodiversity, limit global warming and has a very low impact on Earth’s Rainforests.
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