Here’s What You Should Know About The Most Popular Plywood – Gurjan

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Coming from the Dipterocarpus species, Gurjan has been regarded as the best at giving description and properties of all the timbers. There are many names Gurjan goes by, mostly because of regional differences. Apitong, Hagokhak, Panau (Philippines), and keruing are just some of the variations of it’s name.

This timber can be found almost anywhere throughout the Indo-Malayan region. The trees found here are usually medium to large in size and have cylindrical holes with the possibility of reaching up to 100ft long. The variations found in this wood is from a beautiful light‐to‐dark red brown to dark brown. Apart from being strong and hard, this wood also has resin ducts which occur singly or in short arcs as seen on end grain surfaces. Having been classified as one of the most durable timber, it makes an excellent and affordable choice for outdoor furniture use

The drying process of this timber is slow, when compared to other species. However, thanks to it’s high density, it has a very low moisture count and hardly retains any. The exudation of resin present in Gurjan can be aggravated in high temperatures, therefore high levels of care and maintenance is required to reduce the chances this to happen. It is also easy to work with using either hands or machines.

Upon completion of the drying process, it’s average weight comes at 740 kg/m³ but it usually varies from t from 640 kg/m³ to 960 kg/m³. The variations in this timber are due to it being hard, very hard or horny when cutting across the grain. Being 40% more shock resistant to shock loads, Gurjan is even stiffer than teak in most strength categories. Thus, making it durable and open to usage in all weather conditions.

Finally, when it comes to it’s availability and usage, it is easily available due to it’s popularity and is used in heavy structures, laboratory flooring (it has high chemical resistance), high grade plywood, framework of wagons and many more possibilities.

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